Stainless Steel Vertical Slop Pumps Chemical Pumps Semi-submerged Pumps
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Stainless Steel Vertical Slop Pumps Chemical Pumps Semi-submerged Pumps

Y submerged pump is vertical single-stage centrifugal pump. It is used to pump clean water, waste water and corrosive liquids. It can also pump corrosive liquids which contains solids after changing its material and structure. The pump is directly installed on the storage tank of the liquids to be transported without extra floor space, thus reducing capital construction investment.

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Sump pump for submersion depths down to 4 m.

Ball bearings that can be lubricated externally as an option (with patent).

Ideal for unloading tanks with no outlet on the tank floor.

Can be combined with injector for unloading larger containers as a tank unloading system

Solids possible*

Sophisticated bearing flushing offers reserves for difficult applications and high solids concentration in fluids.

Corrosive/toxic media are pumped in total safety (without fluid and vapours escaping into the environment).

Widely application:

· For transferring clean and little contaminated, lower and high temperature, chemical neutral and corrosive liquid. Refinery, petro-chemical industry, coal processing and

· lower temperature engineering.

· Chemical industry, paper-making, pulp, sugar and such like normal processing industry

· Water supply plant and sea water desalination

· Heat supply and air-conditioning system

· Auxiliary system of power station

· Environment protection engineering

· Ships and offshore engineering

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