High Efficiency Corrosion Resistant Acid Magnetic Pump
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High Efficiency Corrosion Resistant Acid Magnetic Pump

Product Description:
CQF4 Fluoroplastic Alloy Magnetic Pump using nowdays excellent corrosion resistant materials-fluoroplastic alloy for its flow componets. Since the strong corrosion resistant,it can ensure the majority of strong acid,alkali,organic solvents and other chemical fluids transport safely under the sealed condition.
  • CQF4 Series

  • Tengyu Brand

1. Good Corrosion resistant,high mechanical robustness,non,ageing and non-toxin analytical
2. Non-metal distance sleeve,no eddy losing
3. The lower eddy current insulation sleeve design gives higher efficiency to the pump.
4. All wearing part is injection moulding,so the flow passage is very smooth,increase the efficency of the pump

Typical Uses:
The wearing part of CQF4 series pump is fluoroplastic, the pump can be used to transfer not only water, but also corrosive medium, expensive liquid or the other physcial and chemical medium. The medium temperature should be within -120ºC to 350ºC. This product is widely apply to:

Chemical Industry Petroleum Industry Pharmaceutical Industry
Biological Industry Nuclear Power Plant Nonferrous Metal
Food Industry Automotive Industry Municipal Water Supply



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